What is Forkie?

Forkie is that one website you use that provides you with everything you need to manage your day-to-day activities and keep you up to date with what's happening in "your world".

We say "your world" because, let's face it, everyone's world is different.

Forkie for the family

Take my family for example, we need to be kept up to date with what's happening with my kids school and sports events, work functions, weekend events like BBQ's and parties. Add to that the string of people we need to keep contact details for, such as sports coaches, kids friends, class and social clubs, family, the list goes on.

We literally have 6 different "event calendars" and the same amount of contact lists (like class/team lists) stuck to our fridge!

I'm single, how does Forkie help me?

Well take a look at someone like you, my brother Matt. He wants to keep up to date with the latest bands gigging in his neighbourhood, keep track of party and event invitations; wants an easy way to keep his friends, family and work contact information up to date; making sure he know's when his local footy team is playing; not forgetting key events like Mum & Dad's birthday.

If you think about it, everybodies life is pretty hectic. Forkie gives you an easy way to manage this and help you keep on top of things in your life.

 Live-Link™ - Information Sharing

Live-Links™ allow you to share information with people in your Networks.

Each time a person you have created a Live-Link with changes their contact information, your own address book will be automatically updated with the new information.

Imagine the benefits of -

  • never having to remember your best friends home address each time they move!
  • easily updating your contacts at the touch of a button if your job details have changed.
Any time the information you have both elected to share changes, Forkie.com will automatically update it for you.....forever!

Like us, we trust you will find Forkie a great tool to help you manage your everyday activities

Forkie.com is free, safe and really convenient! Setting up your own account takes less than 1 minute.

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